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Relays with contact info sysanon@member.fsf.org / Want to help me maintain this relay? Consider sending XMR to the address to help me pay for relay maintenance: 44c74iwYpYH3JSATt5iaM1FEbRzwv2GfXLMvBwG97eyWFMBCWoiS3iGdh99E7oRxSNhY3XxntEKNnHeWJ4aA6HxwQWMfrSr are responsible for ~73 Mbit/s of traffic, with 1 exit relay.

Nickname Authenticated Relay Operator ID
or ContactInfo (unverified)
Bandwidth IP Address AS Name Country Flags First Seen
isekairelay sysanon@member.fsf.org... 73 Mbit/s 1984 ehf Iceland Exit Fast Guard HSDir Stable Valid V2Dir 2022-01-06