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Relays started on 2021-08-25 are responsible for ~364 Mbit/s of traffic, with 4 middle relays.

Nickname Authenticated Relay Operator ID
or ContactInfo (unverified)
Bandwidth IP Address AS Name Country Flags First Seen
Hypothermic tor@hypothermic.nl 252 Mbit/s Hetzner Online GmbH Germany Fast Valid 2021-08-25
notoloke (4) oloke kelski... 90 Mbit/s Sia Nano IT Latvia Fast Guard Stable Valid V2Dir 2021-08-25
YellowHouse svpetry(at)gmail(dot)com 13 Mbit/s Vodafone GmbH Germany Fast Stable Valid V2Dir 2021-08-25
bluemax666 bluemax _ 666 @ yahoo dot fr 9 Mbit/s Liberty Global B.V. Switzerland Fast Stable Valid V2Dir 2021-08-25