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Relays started on 2023-08-16 are responsible for ~635 Mbit/s of traffic, with 6 middle relays and 2 exit relays.

Nickname Authenticated Relay Operator ID
or ContactInfo (unverified)
Bandwidth IP Address AS Name Country Flags First Seen
incognito incognitorelay@proton.me 167 Mbit/s netcup GmbH Germany Fast HSDir Stable Valid V2Dir 2023-08-16
ThePearl (2) dharma-initiative-tor-ne... 123 Mbit/s dataforest GmbH Germany Fast Guard Stable Valid V2Dir 2023-08-16
BareMetalsXMR none 102 Mbit/s TIPZOR MEDIA SRL Romania Fast Stable Valid 2023-08-16
MoneroBestCash none 80 Mbit/s ITL LLC Bulgaria Fast Stable Valid 2023-08-16
hmenscerepig2 email:hmenscerepig[]pm.m... 71 Mbit/s TerraHost AS Norway Exit Fast Guard HSDir Stable Valid V2Dir 2023-08-16
StrongForeverXMR none 61 Mbit/s eServer s.r.o. Slovakia Fast Stable Valid 2023-08-16
fadedout qrczak at mailbox dot org 22 Mbit/s Flokinet Ltd Finland Exit Fast Stable Valid 2023-08-16
wisewebworks (8) wiseweb-works.github.io 9 Mbit/s ORACLE-BMC-31898 United States of America Fast HSDir Stable Valid V2Dir 2023-08-16