What is the RPKI Observatory?

The RPKI Observatory analyzes multiple aspects of the deployed Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) landscape.

What are the goals of the RPKI Observatory?

  • measure how widespread common RPKI configuration issues actually are
  • rise awareness for them
  • provide actionable information for RPKI adopters to solve common issues
  • increase the RPKI adoption and ROA IP space coverage
  • gather RPKI and routing security metrics
  • analyze trends in RPKI deployments
  • encourage the deployment of route origin validation (ROV)

  • overall goal: increase Internet routing security against BGP hijacking attacks and unintended misconfigurations


We do not aim to be a RPKI issue notification service for individual network operators since there are already solutions for that (RIPE NCC’s RPKI dashboard for RIPE IP space and BGPmon).

How does it work?

Every module works mostly independently. Our first module (“RPKI Unreachable Networks”) consumes data from a local RPKI validator instance which itself pulls in data from RIPE RIS. To be able to display AS names and country codes we query RIPEstat.

Who is the target audience?

  • BGP Network Operators
  • NOG Communities
  • IXPs
  • Regional Internet Registries (RIRs)
  • everyone interested in RPKI, Internet Routing Security and Internet metrics and measurements.