Only proven relays are included in the graph and table. A proven relay claims to be part of a domain and can be verified to be part of it via the “well-known” URL or DNS records.

Nickname Mbit/s Exit IPv4 IPv6 First Seen Tor Version AS Name
GermanCraft3 41 N 2a0c:8900:2:b2f::1 2019-02-18 Lennart Seitz trading as “ETH-Services”
GermanCraft7 70 N 2a03:4000:40:23::1 2021-06-27 netcup GmbH
GermanCraft6 51 N 2a03:4000:41:2a7::1 2021-06-27 netcup GmbH
GermanCraft9 184 N 2a0c:d480:c1c1:1286::3458 2021-06-27 Windcloud 4.0 GmbH
GermanCraft25 89 N 2a0e:97c0:0:2::1 2021-03-29 Noah Christopher Kemm trading as KemmIT
GermanCraft8 67 N None 2024-01-17 Nine Internet Solutions AG
GermanCraft21 7 N 2603:c020:8015:3900::25 2023-07-05 Oracle Corporation
GermanCraft13 215 N 2a0d:5940:42:f5:: 2019-02-18 dataforest GmbH