Only proven relays are included in the graph and table. A proven relay claims to be part of a domain and can be verified to be part of it via the “well-known” URL or DNS records.

Nickname Mbit/s Exit IPv4 IPv6 First Seen Tor Version AS Name
lokit11 101 Y 2a00:11c0:1f:1::55 2022-04-23 ANEXIA Internetdienstleistungs GmbH
lokit03 134 Y 2a03:4000:66:d88:6469:50ff:fe0b:98a8 2023-05-02 netcup GmbH
lokit06 105 Y 2a0a:4cc0:3:c6:887f:3dff:feab:e676 2024-01-22 netcup GmbH
lokit05 98 Y 2a0a:4cc0:0:99:c44b:7eff:fe23:de3d 2024-01-22 netcup GmbH
lokit13 115 Y 2a00:11c0:1c:311::5 2022-05-03 ANEXIA Internetdienstleistungs GmbH
lokit04 143 Y 2a03:4000:21:115:8837:15ff:fe14:64cc 2023-05-02 netcup GmbH
lokit12 40 Y 2a00:11c0:1b:aa2::5 2022-05-03 ANEXIA Internetdienstleistungs GmbH
lokit01 142 Y 2a03:4000:28:3e:c4ee:b0ff:fecb:1cde 2023-03-21 netcup GmbH
lokit02 160 Y 2a03:4000:19:40:4804:2fff:fe4c:9cc1 2023-05-02 netcup GmbH
lokit07 84 Y 2a0a:4cc0:1:101:a463:1eff:fee1:4874 2024-02-14 netcup GmbH