Only proven relays are included in the graph and table. A proven relay claims to be part of a domain and can be verified to be part of it via the “well-known” URL or DNS records.

Nickname Mbit/s Exit IPv4 IPv6 First Seen Tor Version AS Name
GotenTheBoy 67 N 2001:1b40:5000:60::e396:e33a 2023-11-07 IOMART CLOUD SERVICES LIMITED
GohanTheScholar 167 N 2001:1b40:5000:2a:216:3eff:fed9:fd52 2023-07-30 IOMART CLOUD SERVICES LIMITED
YamchaTheBandit 41 N None 2023-11-11 IONOS SE
PanTheHeroine 237 N 2a05:dfc7:417c::1 2023-10-18 Aggros Operations Ltd.
TrunksTheAvenger 242 N 2a05:dfc7:41c1::1 2023-11-02 Aggros Operations Ltd.
ChampaTheFatty 52 N 2602:fc24:18:6888::1 2023-11-19 IncogNET LLC
KrillinTheBald 44 N None 2023-10-23 Host Africa (Pty) Ltd
VegetaThePrince 226 N 2a05:dfc7:412c::1 2023-10-17 Aggros Operations Ltd.
BulmaTheBeautiful 250 N 2a05:dfc7:41b8::1 2023-11-12 Aggros Operations Ltd.
BeerusTheDestroyer 130 N 2602:fc24:19:c3c7::1 2023-11-19 IncogNET LLC
GokuTheGoat 127 N 2a01:a500:2766::773a:b073 2023-07-20 UK Dedicated Servers Limited


Nickname Advertised Bandwidth (Mbit/s) Tor Version
BridgeyMcBridge42 54
TorBridgesAreCool99 8