Only proven relays are included in the graph and table. A proven relay claims to be part of a domain and can be verified to be part of it via the “well-known” URL or DNS records.

Nickname Mbit/s Exit IPv4 IPv6 First Seen Tor Version AS Name
scaletor 227 N 2001:bc8:710:51f:dc00:ff:fe27:c7db 2024-01-10 SCALEWAY S.A.S.
scaletoer 226 N 2001:bc8:1640:1ad:dc00:ff:fe10:3587 2024-01-10 SCALEWAY S.A.S.
firstor2 73 N 2a03:75c0:2e:2056:f982::1 2024-04-08 Techcrea Solutions SAS
pulsetor 202 N 2001:bc8:1640:1a5:dc00:ff:fe10:365f 2019-02-18 SCALEWAY S.A.S.
firstor 35 N 2a03:75c0:36:2124::1 2024-03-21 Techcrea Solutions SAS
wedostor 23 N 2a02:2b88:2:1::4205:1 2019-02-18 WEDOS Internet, a.s.