Only proven relays are included in the graph and table. A proven relay claims to be part of a domain and can be verified to be part of it via the “well-known” URL or DNS records.

Nickname Mbit/s Exit IPv4 IPv6 First Seen Tor Version AS Name
fuchs4 224 N 2a01:4f9:3b:468e::13 2023-04-30 Hetzner Online GmbH
gnampf4i32 0 N 2607:b500:425:c000:0:d9f:fd98:556d 2024-06-07 IONOS Cloud Inc.
fuchs3 202 N 2a01:4f9:3b:468e::13 2023-02-07 Hetzner Online GmbH
fuchs2 190 N 2a01:4f9:3b:468e::13 2019-02-18 Hetzner Online GmbH
fuchs1 187 N 2a01:4f9:3b:468e::13 2019-02-18 Hetzner Online GmbH
gnampf4i31 0 N 2a00:da00:f411:e900:0:6058:9c83:831 2024-06-12 IONOS SE
gnampf4i30 0 N 2a01:239:2ea:9a00:0:c5e0:b84c:18f9 2024-06-12 IONOS SE
fuchs5 268 N 2a01:4f9:3b:468e::13 2024-01-22 Hetzner Online GmbH
gnampf4s37 83 N 2a01:4f8:c013:2a67:44a6:b55a:1c2a:dfe4 2024-06-21 Hetzner Online GmbH
gnampf4s35 83 N 2a01:4f8:c013:4dca:728e:affb:a208:ef5c 2024-06-21 Hetzner Online GmbH
gnampf4s39 67 N 2a01:4f8:c012:e048:2b32:c96a:407e:1d7 2024-06-25 Hetzner Online GmbH
gnampf4s38 72 N 2a01:4f8:c012:d648:3971:1bd4:e2a9:c1db 2024-06-25 Hetzner Online GmbH